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Central Filter Mfg. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the "Company") is aware of the important of personal information, will provide  the policy concerning the protection of personal information and the approach as follows and execute this.

1.Handling of Personal Information

Company respects and complies with the law and the social order that are applied to the protection of personal information, and endeavors appropriately to handle and to protect personal information.

2.Purpose of Using Personal Information

When inquiries and requests from customers, if you provide personal information to abtain the consent of the individual, the information is used only for the purpose that inquires by the customer and answers to the purpose specified beforehand when personal information is offered. Customer's personal information is never used without permission besides these right purposes. The acquired data will be used only in-house Central Filter Mfg. Co., Ltd.. However, no personally identifiable information is integrated, it may be shared with third parties.

3.Measures of Personal Information Security Management

To prevent unauthorized access, the falsification, and the disclosure, etc., Company takes the necessary and appropriate safety management measures matched to the technical level at present.

4.Acquisition and Provide of Personal Information

Company will acquire personal information by a proper means, and not do the handling of personal information that exceeds the range of the purpose of use without your consent. In the case of provid and disclosure of personal information to third parties, Company does in accordance with the procedure that is provided in the law.

5.Contact Privacy Policy Inquiries

Inquiries about our handling of personal information, please contact the following.

Contact us: Central Filter Mfg. Co., Ltd. Tokyo Head Office TEL +81-3-3350-0091